Monday, April 28, 2014

On Not Having Children

Leave it to Cup of Jo to again tackle a tough subject - infertility and choosing to live without children.  Mara Kofoed wrote the post for Cup of Jo and blogs at A Blog About Love, which I just discovered today and love.  I'm still making my way through past posts (a girls gotta work!), but I have already found a few that are just fantastic if you are going through IVF (12 Tips for IVF, Friends & Infertility,  The Work I did to be Happy).

In the midst of struggling with loss and infertility, I benefit from occasionally stepping back from where we are now and reminding myself how awesome my life is and how I used to love the every day things that now seem mundane and get lost in the shuffle of waiting for my next cycle, waiting to start meds, thinking about how much I miss L, etc.  There are so many activities that I love and that my husband and I like doing together... many of which will be much harder to do when we finally have a baby.  Those activities... and each of us an individuals.... gets lost at times.

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. I haven't picked up my camera since L died but I'm going to push myself to get back into it.  It's spring, there are gorgeous flowers and trees blooming all over the place, we are doing more outdoor activities, and I can't just forget about the activities I used to enjoy.  I took the photo above on my iPhone during a weekend trip to Austin, Texas a few weeks ago.  Here's to capturing more of the beauty that surrounds us!

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