Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Update & Pregnancy on HRT

Summer is moving along here.  We've taken a few weekend trips in Colorado and have another one coming up next weekend.  It's been so fun to enjoy the beautiful weather, the mountains, swimming, gardening with B, and generally just watching her become a little person.  She has started using two word phrases and is VERY opinionated.  I hear "no" a lot these days, but she is also extra into her Mama, which I secretly love (whenever I find it overwhelming, I remind myself that soon she will be too big to hold and then likely a teenager who hates me).

Miraculously, I just had a normal, 28-day cycle during which I had EWCM and according to the OPKs ovulated.  I didn't get pregnant, but I did feel pretty normal the entire cycle.  I could tell my period was about to arrive because I became insanely irritable... like I knew what was coming out of my mouth was an over-reaction, but there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I'm seriously considering starting a very low dose of estrogen (0.1 mg/day) even though my menopausal symptoms have all but ceased.  I still feel emotionally a bit on edge and I think the estrogen will help.  The dose is so low that it wouldn't prevent me from getting pregnant.  I've read this post over and over and my doctor said the same thing - you can absolutely still get pregnant on HRT.  I've read this study and this one, too.  Does anyone have experience with HRT, whether just in general or getting pregnant while doing HRT?  Any thoughts, advice from a doctor, etc.?  I'm desperate for more information on this topic and it doesn't seem to exist. What I'm really wondering is whether your odds are better trying to get pregnant while on HRT if you still have some ovarian function or whether it is better to not be on the estrogen if you are still ovulating?  I suppose it is time to make an appointment with my OB again...

Happy end of summer to everyone!