About Me & Timeline

Hi, I'm D.  I'm 37 and my husband is 38.  We've been married for 9 years.  We have been told by multiple reproductive endocrinologists that we would never have a child that was genetically mine.  Through a miracle natural pregnancy, we have a daughter, L, who was stillborn in January 2014.  You can read about her here.  After losing L, we were blessed with another daughter, B, who was born in December 2014.  Following B, I had 2 miscarriages but am currently 36 weeks pregnant with who we hope will be our second living child. My pregnancies with L, B, and this current baby were spontaneous and occurred the month prior to when we planned to start IVF / fertility treatments.  When I'm not pregnant or trying to get pregnant, I'm an avid marathoner and triathlete, lawyer, amateur gardener, and lover of dark beer.  I started this blog after we lost L and we were preparing for IVF.

Medical History
DOR - Diagnosed 3/13 (undetectable AMH, FSH 17.3) (FSH 7 as of 6/16) (AMH 0.23 as of 11/16)
DVT during pregnancy at 26 weeks and extensive clotting in the placenta (no known clotting disorder)
May-Thurner's Syndrome (now have a stent in my IVC)

TTC Timeline
3/13 - During routine GYN visit I mention that we have been TTC for 4 months and that my cycles are short.  My GYN runs a routine blood test and tells me not to worry and that she just wants to rule out anything being wrong.  A few days later I get the call from her - my AMH is undetectable (<0.15).  I also have hypothyroidism (I had no symptoms). Oh - I'm 32 at the time.

4/13 - Start visiting various REs to determine course of action.  I am repeatedly told that donor eggs are our only and best option.  Begin taking DHEA, COQ10 and going to acupuncture.  Plan for an IUI to see how I respond to drugs during a cycle.

4/13 - Day 3 FSH of 17.3.  Between that and my AMH, REs are willing to try IUI/IVF but give us a 3% chance of conceiving with my eggs.

6/13 - IUI cycle with Follistim (I won't respond to Clomid).  Produce 5 follicles but get BFN.

8/2/13 - BFP!  We spontaneously conceived!

10/13 - Turn 33

12/28/13 - Admitted to hospital with "extensive" blood clotting in my leg and inferior vena cava (IVC).

12/29/13 - Lose our daughter at 26 weeks to clotting in the placenta.

1/3/14 - Natural delivery of daughter, L, who is stillborn.  You can read the story here.

1/14 - Begin medical journal of determining what caused clotting.  Test negative for every known clotting disorder that could have caused my DVT and the clotting in the placenta.  Am told I will likely not ever know what caused the clot but that I have an 85% chance of a successful future pregnancy IF I can get pregnant again.

4/14 - Waiting for 2nd cycle to conclude so we can start IVF (38 days and counting)...

5/8/14 - BFP.  What the....

5/9/14 - HCG 122

5/12/14 - HCG 397

5/15/14 - HCG 1,727

5/20/14 - HCG 13,123

5/27/14 - Ultrasound! Measuring 6 weeks and 1 day with a heart rate of 133 BPM

7/11/14 - 13 Weeks and MaterniT21 results come back negative - we are having a GIRL!

10/13/14 - 26 Week Ultrasound!  Baby measuring just shy of due date and looking great.

12/12/14 - 35 Weeks!  Induction scheduled for 12/27.

12/28/14 - Miracle Baby B is here!  Born 12/28/14 at 5:47 PM.  Weighing in at 6 pounds, 4 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.


2/1/16 - Stopped breastfeeding

3/14/16 - BFP! Unexpected positive pregnancy test

3/28/16 - 6-week ultrasound reveals gestational sac, but no yolk sac, fetal pole, or heartbeat.  We will rescan in a week, but it is expected that I'll miscarry.

4/4/16 - 7-week ultrasound confirms baby has not grown.  Taking cytotec to induce miscarriage.

6/3/16 - FSH 59

6/28/16 - FSH 7.7

11/14/16 - AMH 0.23

11/17/16 - Start Clomid

12/12/16 - BFP! Positive pregnancy test

12/13/16 - HCG 285

12/15/16 - HCG 625

12/19/16 - HCG 3,510

12/27/16 - Ultrasound - saw our baby's heartbeat

1/27/17- Ultrasound shows no growth since 6 weeks, 3 days and no heartbeat

1/29/17 - Miscarriage

Spring & Summer 2017 - Wacky cycles, some menopausal symptoms

8/26/17 BFP! Positive pregnancy test

8/26/17 - HCG 1339

8/29/17 - HCG 5346

10/10/17 - Ultrasound - baby measuring 11 weeks and 3 days with a heartbeat of 163

12/5/17 - Ultrasound - baby is measuring right on track at 19 weeks and looks healthy

3/5/18 - 32 weeks along!

4/2/18 - 36 weeks pregnant.  C-section scheduled for 4/16.

4/16/18 - Baby Girl arrives safe and sound!


  1. I found your blog through another blogger. I I also have gone through infertility and I lost my twin boys after a premature delivery. They passed away shortly after birth (you can read about them here: http://xobenjaminandconnerxo.blogspot.com/). I am so, so sorry to hear about your loss. I see you have an induction scheduled this week and I wish you and baby the very best!

    1. Krystal, I'm headed over to your blog now. I am so sorry to learn about your boys. So, so sorry. I see that you are pregnant again and look forward to following your journey...