Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring in Japan

We've now been in Japan for 3 weeks and just settled into a home in Kyoto for two weeks. I listened to a podcast while running this week of an interview of a woman who traveled with her family of 5 around the world for 9 months.  She talked about how they had "slow and low" periods where they stayed put for an extended period of time.  2 weeks isn't that long, but it sounds like an eternity right now and I'm thrilled that we can explore Kyoto at our own pace.  We rented a bike with a kid's seat (and have another that came with our airbnb), we have a kitchen and I cooked dinner tonight, and I'm looking forward to having some "normal" days.  Today we found an awesome playground just a 5 minute walk from our house, too.

I'm still feeling all mixed up about pregnancies, babies, siblings, etc.  I have 2 rounds of Clomid with me and I decided to take one round this month because -- why not?  If I don't take it, I'm just toting it around the world for no reason.  I feel fine but it doesn't seem to be working as well this time around (based only on the fact that last time I had a lot of EWCM and I'm not having that as much this time around).  I'm taking COQ10, but not DHEA.  I just don't like how it makes me feel and I worry that I've taken too much of it these past few years.  Honestly, I feel pretty hopeless on the pregnancy front right now and maybe that's okay?  Perhaps I'm coming to grips with reality and acceptance is around the corner?  We'll see.

An aspect of our trip that has been very difficult for me is the utter lack of alone time.  I'm outgoing and enjoy spending time with friends, socializing, etc., but there is part of me that is extremely introverted. I love and need to be alone for some period of time each day and I am just not getting that.  With B not napping and spending every day with R, it's been challenging and I know it i isn't helping how I feel about pregnancy, myself, my body, etc.  I'm getting far afield from wanting another child here, but I have realized that not getting some time to myself is making me a worse wife and mother, making me less patient, and shortening my fuse when it comes to B, well, acting like a toddler!  I've started running every day, which I do alone, so hopefully that helps, and I'm hoping for some solo exploration time in the coming days.  

All of that said, I struggle lately with knowing why I'm feeling a certain way or what is impacting the strength of those emotions.  Is it hormonal imbalance?  Is it lack of alone time?  Is it the inconsistency and lack of routine that comes from travel?  Is it just how I'm feeling?  I don't know.

To end this on a happy note, the days are filled more often with happiness and joy than anything else, so I don't want to sound ungrateful or unhappy - I'm not.  I'm just parsing through what I am feeling, which I don't get to do these days with a girlfriend over coffee or wine, or with a therapist, which is probably what I should be doing...

Also, I wrote before about Sheryl Sandberg's heartbreaking missive after her husband's death.  She just published a book about grief and loss and finding strength in such circumstances called Option B.  I've just downloaded it, but in case you missed the news...


  1. It's interesting to hear how your trip is progressing. I love that you have enough time in each place to really explore and feel at home (When travelling, I definitely go for quality (my notion of) vs. quantity). Japan in springtime sounds amazing, that is something I would love to see (well see Japan any time of year, actually). I can see how it would get challenging to have so little alone time; that's probably one of the things one doesn't anticipate. I think it will be very healthy for you to do some solo exploring. Good luck on this round of Clomid. And I mean luck with everything, not just conceiving, as it is not at all a simple matter. For that matter it feels flaky to say "good luck," but what else is there to say? many hugs

    1. We chose to see fewer places but to really explore them. I've read a few stories about families traveling around the world who visit 30 countries and I feel exhausted just reading them. This works better for us.

      I had a day to myself this week and it was glorious.

      Clomid didn't work. More on that to come. I'm not surprised.

  2. I'm sorry the Clomid wasn't working, but glad your days are filled with happiness and joy. I've enjoyed seeing the pictures you've shared on Instagram and living vicariously through your adventures. I hope you've been able to better balance some alone time in your travels and sightseeing, although I'm sure it's difficult. Safe travels!

    1. Thanks for checking in. I'm about to head over and read your updates as well.