Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Time Flies! 10 Weeks!

Where does the time go?  Baby B was 10 weeks old on Sunday and my maternity leave is flying by.  I am not always sure what I get "done" every day (sometimes nothing), but the days seem to pass quickly and, frankly, in the most wonderful way that usually involves walks with B in the Ergo, a jog with her in the car seat and running stroller, a nap or two on my chest, some tummy time, and our new nighttime routine (we finally seem to be developing one that works).  Of course there is also crying, blow out diapers, fussiness, and a lack of sleep, but the good stuff just overshadows those things.  I am repeatedly overwhelmed by how much I love her, spending time with her, snuggling with her, smelling her head, kissing her cheeks, and generally smothering her with love.
Yeah!  My current favorite photo of Baby B!
I am sometimes amazed by how all of the little tasks I intend to get done just do fall to the wayside. For example, I have been reading all of your wonderful blogs on my iPhone during feedings, but I have yet to find a way to read AND respond in a timely manner. I actually think I'll have a lot more time to do personal things upon my return to work.  I'm sure my employer will love that.

Some other things I have come across in my late night blog reading.  Not that I shop at Dolce & Gabbana, but if you do, now is the time to stop.  So upsetting.  So ignorant.  This story about a woman's experience with stillbirth made me well up with emotion and sadness.  Sometimes I hold B and just think about how much I love her and how I feel so incredibly fortunate, lucky, blessed, etc. to have her in my life.  Oh, and my parents were visiting a few weeks ago and we watched the movie "Labor Day."  Have you all seen it?  I had no idea before watching it (or I wouldn't have), but the main character has multiple miscarriages and a stillborn baby.  It was gut-wrenching to watch.

There are just three weeks remaining in my maternity leave.  It's funny - I have always been a hard-charging, goal-oriented career woman.  After college and law school I took a job at one of the largest law firms in the world and have always just pushed toward having a "high powered" career (whatever that means).  I've dialed it back a bit since we moved to Colorado, but never before have I felt so disinterested in my job.  And I LOVE my job, I really do.  But I kind of just want to stay home with B.  I've been focused for so long on having a baby and here she is!  And now I am going to leave her? R and I decided I would go back full time for at least a month and see how it goes before I make any decisions, so that is the plan.

And to cap off this incredibly random post, I've been thinking about removing the anonymity associated with this blog.  I'm not planning to shout from the rooftops to friends and family that I have it, but I might just start using full names, etc.  We'll see.  Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

Oh, and one more cute two month shot just because.  B has caught up in weight and height and is starting to get chubby cheeks and folds in her thighs.  I love it.

I've never been so happy.


  1. She is just so freakin cute! Love the facial expressions. Very happy to hear that you are are so happy :)

    1. She makes some pretty funny facial expressions. I love it.

  2. I would LOVE to know L And Bs full names. Man, is she one cute baby!

    And I just started Labor Day, but stopped about 45 minutes in....thanks for the warning!

    1. Caroline, maybe it would be okay, but there is actually a birth scene where she has a stillborn baby and it just was too much...

      I think I'll share real names in my next post... and thanks! I think she is pretty cute, too!

  3. B is beautiful!!! Hoping everything continues to go well. <3

  4. Absolutely adorable photos. Hard not to see why that's not your favorite. I won't be watching Labor Day, thanks for the warning.