Tuesday, September 9, 2014

On Jealousy

I saw another post about this yesterday, so I know I am not the only one feeling this way, but I had a very strong (and wildly irrational) jealous reaction to Kate Middleton's second pregnancy.  Her first pregnancy was announced right around with I found out about my DOR and was told donor eggs were my only option.  And even though I am pregnant now, I just keep thinking that it will be extra unfair if she has a second healthy baby before I can have one that lives.

Crazy and irrational?  Yes.

Do I still feel these crazy feelings?  Yes.

Also, has anyone ever looked so good preggers?   Quite unfair.

I did get an e-mail yesterday that made me laugh out loud from one of the women in my support group.  It had no subject, but just said "F&*# Kate Middleton."  It made me happy to know I wasn't the only one feeling so resentful.

On a happier (and more relevant note), this little baby has started kicking up a storm every time I eat and I love it.  Last night, I got home from work, had a snack, and just laid down and enjoyed feeling her kick.  I will never get over how amazing it is to know she is in there, alive and well.


  1. I agree, F$*% Kate Middleton. And her big blue ring.

    1. Ha ha ha! Glad I am not the only irrational one :)

  2. Hilarious! I had the same reaction. You are not alone!

  3. No, you're not alone. I stopped following anything about Kate Middleton after her first pregnancy was announced (not that I was a big fan or anything, but I liked to looked at the clothes). After she had her baby and the brouhaha died down a bit, I could sometimes stand to read the odd story. After second pregnancy was announced? Whatever. Back to ignoring. Like you say, it isn't rational at all. Maybe it just sucks to be reminded that some people can get pregnant SO EASILY but despite that everything acts like it's A REALLY BIG DEAL.